Crystal Sunbeam Necklace


Sunbeam necklace is 42cm in length, it is available in sterling silver, 18ct gold/rosegold plated sterling silver and 9ct gold/rosegold. This stunning little necklace consists of a cute sun cutout pendant attached to a 30 gauge anchor ball link chain. This gorgeous piece was inspired by the amazing and talented Crystal Katsini (the lady with the bendy face)

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This gorgeous necklace is inspired by the TikTok and Instagram superstar, The Lady with the Bendy Face, Crystal Katsini. Crystal is such a warm and sunny person and thus, we have decided to dedicate the sunbeam necklace to this amazing lady!

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Sterling Silver, 18ct Gold Plated Sterling Silver, 18ct Rose Gold Plated Sterling Silver, 9ct solid Gold, 9ct Solid Rose Gold

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