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About Anke Linden Jewellery

Hi All, my name is Anke Linden and I am the designer, creator and smith of ALJ, Anke Linden Jewellery. I have been creating jewellery since 2015 when I Started studying at the Durban University of Technology, where I received my Btech degree and multiple awards such as the PlatAfrica Student Award 2017. I started my business officially in January 2020 and I had no idea that my little business would grow so quickly. ALJ is situated on the Hibiscus Coast of Kwazulu-Natal in a small town known as Shelly Beach, in my eco-friendly studio that is powered by solar and wind.

My Vision

I strive to create jewellery that reflects the most important aspects of the lives of the wearers. My jewellery is made to be sentimental and to have a special meaning or reflect a story, whether it is of my own life or the life of the wearer.

Why I do what I do

I have a passion for creating things with my own hands and jewellery design allows me to express myself creatively by creating jewellery pieces that reflect the aspects of my life.

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