Returns & Exchanges

As a designer, I try my best to meet the needs of my customers and to keep you happy. If you have ordered something and you are not quite happy with the product, you may return to exchange the product for store credit (minus shipping) or for another item of the same value (minus shipping) however, no refunds will be made. ALJ is also not responsible for the cost of shipping of items that are being returned/exchanged. This will be done at the cost of the customer.


Items may not be returned/exchanged if:

  • The item has been worn for more than 10 days after the date of purchase.
  • If the item is custom
  • If the item is damaged by the wearer
  • If the item has been used while bathing/cooking/cleaning etc.
  • If the item has been gold/rosegold plated


Any shipping costs involved in returns/exchanges will be charged to you.


ALJ is not responsible of the oxidisation of jewellery pieces (if the piece changes color) after it has been worn. ALJ pieces are made from genuine sterling silver or gold/rosegold (unless otherwise stated). Oxidisation is caused by a chemical reaction when the jewellery piece comes into contact with chemicals such as sulphides and chlorides and therefore ALJ is not responsible.


ALJ is also not responsible for any broken chains or stones that fall out.


Gold plated and rosegold plated goods:

ALJ is not responsible if the gold plating of the jewellery items comes off. Items that have been gold/ rosegold plated will not be exchanged. It is your responsibility to take care of your gold plated jewellery in order to prolong the life of the plating.
It is not recommended that gold plated jewellery be worn while bathing, swimming, cooking, cleaning and while wearing perfume.
Gold plated jewellery that is made by ALJ can be re-plated in future but the customer is responsible to send the jewellery piece in for plating and they will be charged for the re-plating according to the price of the plating.

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