What is your turnaround time?

My turnaround time is roughly 7-28 days but orders can be prioritized for special occasions on request. Sometimes, orders may take longer than expected due to unforeseen circumstances.

Where are you based?

I am situated in a sunny little beach town known as Shelly Beach on the Southern Coast of KwaZulu-Natal

How do deliveries work?

I courier all my goodies with The Courier Guy and delivery to large towns normally takes 2 days and outlying areas up to 3 days. If you stay in the Shelly Beach area you are welcome to pick up my parcel at a designated ALJ kiosk

How do I track my order?

Just visit The Courier Guy tracking site and enter your waybill tracking number, it should start with TCG

How do I contact you for custom orders?

You are more than welcome to enquire on the custom orders tab of this website. Just drop me a message and we will be in touch. 

How long does the 18ct gold plating covering the sterling silver last?

The plating lasts for as long as you allow it to. With everyday wear, the plating will rub off quicker against your body through the friction caused by our subconscious movements. But do not stress! Any item of jewellery can be re plated in future.

Do you recommend going the gold plated route?

Yes, I do recommend plating items that are worn occasionally (when going out or once/twice a week) such as necklaces and earrings because the plating covering the object takes longer to rub off. I do not however recommend plating objects intended for everyday use or objects such as rings because the plating will rub off too quickly. I recommend that you go for a solid gold jewellery piece if you want to wear a jewellery piece on a daily basis and retain that gold color.

What is the difference between solid gold jewellery and gold plated sterling silver.

Solid gold jewellery is jewellery made from either 9ct or 18ct gold right through. Gold plated sterling silver jewellery is jewellery where the main metal that makes up the jewel is sterling silver and the metal covering the outside layer of the jewellery is 18ct gold.

Can I shower/swim/bath while wearing my jewellery?

I would not recommend that you do any of these activities while wearing your jewellery because you risk tainting your jewellery with chemicals such as chlorides and sulphides that cause a chemical reaction with sterling silver causing it to discolor. Also, unnecessary wear and tare  may cause your plating to rub off too quickly.

How do I size my fingers?
  • You are more than welcome to visit any other jewellery store to measure your finger size (sizes have to be UK/RSA where the sizes are given as letters) 
  • You can also measure the inside diameter of a ring that fits you by drawing a circle in the inside of the ring and measuring it from one end to another.
  • You can also download our Sizing Guide to help you determine a rough ring size, it’s not as accurate as getting your fingers sized in a store but it helps us get an idea
Do you resize rings and chains?

Yes, only if it is an ALJ jewellery design that does not contain stones. Resizing is done at an additional cost and all additional shipping costs will be billed to you.

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